Wednesday, November 25, 2009



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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Long time..

Long time since i blogged.

Kay shall summarise my life for the past mth in 5pts:

1) PROMOTED :D yeah! *guess what there's less MCS retainees than Soccer retainees this year* Gd achievement guys, MCS is gd influence okay! HAHA

2) MLEP trip coming up 30th nov to Jogjakarta. Im looking forward to it yeahh.

3) Watched 2012. and find it dumb. It's like making a sequel to the story of Prophet Noah's Ark but a bit more modern. -.-

4) Ankle injury is recurring :( going to doctor soon.

5) I got Ria FM work attachment coming up 2nd week of December. Hope fr a gd experience.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

My girlfriend singing my favourite song.

Thx babe.. HAHA this is soo like understand...

dammn im addicted to Down-Jay Sean. heckcare he's Indian and not Nigga..ahaha

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Believe it or not it has been 10 mths in TPJc and it feels like yesterdayi stepped intotpj for Orientation. Hmmz tyme realli flies before you know it I might already get my head shaved serving NS.heh.

That's provided i pass my PROMOS. which i totally lack that fee-good factor after the papers.If i get promoted I'll be superbly happy..Haizz i dun wanna retain ahh plz god..

K juz gt myself a Netbook^^ so happy wif it...

My post-promos activities are as follows:
FacebookViwawaSoccerChampionsLeagueChattingLepakDikir and more soccer.

wanna get back fitness too has been ages since my last 2.4 run heh shld start running soon.. k ciaoz..

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hey guys,

Tuesday was friggin' fun ah went to break fast with members TPJ at Simpang. HAHA i felt very accomplished on that day haha u guys should noe why ^^. Then we go pray Maghrib and isyak at Taqua. Outside Taqua Hariz knocked into a cone in front of a couple of the mosques' ppl. WAKAKA. And he said holy shit! LOL. The mosque ppl said lucky u break fast oledi. HAHAHA.

Then we went to lepak at a park in Simpang. gerekzz beb.

On a more negative note, i am very disappointed with something ah. But if it's my fault you have my sincere apologies.

Okay off to do PW b4 continue mugging geog. heh.

Adios ameegos aku berambos.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Some People Are Just Plain Egoistic

You know why melayu susah nak maju? Coz of PHD.. Perasaan Hasad Dengki.. A malay cnnot see another malay be successful. Haizz. When you don't get something don't look around to blame ppl or get angry. Ask yourself, why am i not as sucessful? Is it because i'm not being myself or izzit because of other reasons.
I have had my fair share of unsuccessful times, scholarships, cca positions in secondary school you name it. But i always thot self reflection is alwaes necessary after a failure.
Bottomline stop this PHD shit.

Astagha sesungguhnya saya sedang berpuasa. I shall stop being angry.

On a brighter note, i haf been enlisted for Maths STAR, yes i mean it brighter note. I dun get a shit of wad ... teaches in class so i guess i gotta nid this STar programme.

AND communication is the basis of it so im working towards that.. haha

Monday, August 10, 2009


Just realised i haven't blog for a while.
Busy uhh studies, soccer trainings , performances outings etc.

Hmm where shall i start okae lah SA. My SA was i can sae all right i got ABU/DE. failed econs urgh.. Must mug more..

Soccer trainings is getting more fun now without the runnings heh.

AND Satria Kirana performed on TPJC's national day concert i had a lotlot of fun sia.. But too shiok until ragam oso so fierce heh srry ppl.. Thanx to Joe and Bryan who joined us for the NDP performance u guyz are living example of the multiracialism in s'pore. At the same time you put to shame those malays who don't cherish their culture (siapa makan chili terasa pedasnya). Once again thx guys.

I enjoyed the National day performance more than manifestasi like seriousli. If you guys wanna watch u can always check out my videos in facebook.

LASTLY, I wanna thank all EAGLE house members who took the initiative to put on the traditional costumes. I am soo confident that Eagle gonna be champs this year. Okae chaoz.

Your Very Own Eagle House Captain. heh. BYE